Taking the LSAT is an arduous but essential step for anyone who wants to go to law school. Students want to know how to use LSAT preparation in hopes of a higher score. These tips can help students plan their LSAT preparation journey and get off to a strong start.

Dedicated Study Time

One tip for LSAT preparation is to schedule time for studying. Students need at least a three-month preparation period. Dedicated students should schedule time in their calendars just for LSAT preparation. Students who are only a few months away from their test date need to schedule a few hours each day, adding up to twenty to twenty-five hours a week. Students with test dates further off have a bit more leeway.

LSAT Prep Materials

Many different types of LSAT prep materials exist, and finding the right one or mix of materials is key to effective studying. Depending on learning styles, time available, and price points, different options may be more effective for a given student. The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) provides free full-length practice tests and free materials through a partner organization. Some brands use actual questions from previous years, and each brand typically has a study plan and access to complimentary materials. Students should make sure to compare the options before committing.

LSAT Prep Class

LSAT prep courses are officially designated in-person or virtual classes that walk students through the preparation process. While some universities offer these, most courses are from a specific LSAT preparatory brand. Students purchase both the materials for the class and pay for the instruction. This can cost a considerable amount of money, but some students find it worth it. Students should check out reliable sources to make sure that the company offering the course is legitimate.

Self-care and Studying

Finally, studying for the LSAT is stressful, so students should plan time to take care of themselves. Especially after full-length practice test days, it is a good idea to plan something fun. Even watching a movie, getting together with friends, or integrating a meditation practice can help ease the anxiety that comes with LSAT prep so that students can focus better.

Taking the LSAT can create a lot of pressure, but the payoff is worth it after acceptance into law school. Time and effort for the LSAT should complement the time and effort that students put into their other application materials. The more effort students put in upfront, the better.