In the world of the construction trade, it can be essential to have a multitude of legal weapons at one’s disposal and a personal arsenal. One of these tools is a Latin Legum Magisters (LL.M), known as a Master of Laws, in construction law. With the way that today’s society is run, new technologies enhancing the workplace in a majority of fields, the LL.M. allows law firms specializing in the construction field to keep the tangled skein of rules and regulations from halting current projects.

There are many different areas than an LL.M. in Construction law can be pursued through including project financing, dispute resolution, and project contracts, just to name a few. It is essential to a construction-based business to have a lawyer well-versed in residential or commercial construction laws.

There are several universities worldwide that one can pursue this degree. With the proper education, one could easily attain a spot at law firms specializing in Construction Law or even consult on major construction projects throughout the world. Most of the schools have both on campus attendance and distance learning options available for a plethora of LL.M. degrees in Construction Law field. Thorough research is always advisable for those seeking an international degree.

The Robert Gordon University-Aberdeen Business School located in Aberdeen, United Kingdom, has full-time campus curriculum in LL.M. Law, LL.M. Dispute Resolution, and LL.M. Law and International Law. They also include distance learning curriculums of LL.M. Law, and LL.M./Msc Construction Law and Arbitration.

The University of Strathclyde-The Law School located in Glasgow, United Kingdom offers their students many different LL.M.s, for on campus curriculum from Construction Law to Global Environmental Law and Governance. Distance learning curriculums can range from Climate and Energy Law to Professional Legal Practice.

The Phillips-Universität Marburg located in Marburg, Germany offers LL.M.s for Foreign Lawyers, as well as curriculums in Construction and Construction Management law.

These are just a few Universities worldwide that offer LL.M.s in Construction Law. Whether local or worldwide, having a LL.M. in a construction field is imperative to keep up with current laws and regulations. It is a challenging, rewarding career for those eager to dip their toes into the world of Construction Law, or get their hands dirty consulting for large construction projects.