Anyone who has owned a home will agree that while it is great to be a homeowner, it can also be stressful at times. Because of the amount of information that is required to complete, the process of buying and selling a home can become long and confusing, especially in cities with rising costs to live in. This is why hiring a real estate attorney can be beneficial, as their expertise helps make the process smoother and less stressful for you. If you are getting ready to buy or sell your home, hiring a real estate attorney could be a good option.

In bigger cities like New York City, the high cost of living has made it more difficult to find a reasonably priced home. When you hire a real estate attorney, their main focus will remain on your financial and home goals. Real estate agents typically work on a commission-based salary, which can mean that your financial requirement will also shift. Real estate law firms will typically have fixed prices for their time, so it will not have the same effect on your finances.

Because of a real estate attorney’s profession, they are constantly updating their knowledge and understanding of the real estate law industry. This is beneficial for homeowners because it means that the professional helping them is up-to-date on the latest news and changes in real estate while allowing homeowners to focus on finding the perfect home. After finding the right home, real estate attorneys will be available to help you through the purchasing or selling process, ensuring a smooth transition.

A real estate attorney is also beneficial if the need for a legal consultation arises. For example, a person who is selling their home that has entered the escrow stage must sign a contract agreeing to fix a list of items made by the buyer before the transaction can be completed. There have been countless instances where the seller tries to get out of some of the listed items, as it would cost them money to do so. This would mean that the seller is attempting to breach the contract of the escrow, which is considered a legal issue — this where a real estate attorney could step in to provide the details of how to proceed.

While these are only some instances where a real estate attorney and law firm should step in, there are countless other reasons that make them a great option. Learn more by visiting Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC at