Whether you manage a larger corporation or you run your own small business, introducing philanthropic agendas can be challenging. From diverting funding to the charity of your choice to getting others involved in the effort, no part of getting started will be easy. However, some commonly used tactics may work for you in getting your business involved in philanthropy.

Choose a Single Cause
Even for a larger corporation, switching causes from quarter to quarter can be both confusing and self-defeating. It can be more productive to choose one cause or one charity and devote all of your efforts towards promoting that cause. Additionally, try to choose a cause that’s related to your business. For instance, if you own a small hardware store, you might choose a charity that helps low-income families buy their own homes.

Get Your Customers Involved
This option can help small business owners as well as managers of larger businesses. By involving your customers in the charity, you can make a larger overall impact on the charity. You might hold a raffle with the proceeds from ticket sales going towards the charity. Alternatively, provide a free ticket to each person who donates to the charity through your business.

Transparency is Important
More people will get involved if they can see your progress. You can maintain a scorecard at your business and on your website, but be sure both are updated regularly and accurately. An honest representation on your progress, including any setbacks you suffer, will generate more community support.

Keep Your Social Media Followers Updated
Keep in mind that your employees, customers, and even your competitors are following your social media pages. By sharing your philanthropic efforts online, you’ll encourage more support and insight from those followers. You may even encourage them to participate in your fundraising campaigns.

As you follow these recommendations, you’ll engender more support among your employees and throughout your community. This will lead to greater participation, allowing you to make a bigger impact on the charity you choose to help. Even if you don’t have the resources of a major corporation to back you, this type of long-term community engagement will help you benefit the cause you have chosen to support.