Getting into law school is a multi-step process. It will require a significant amount of time and hard work, and it will also probably cost some money to complete the application process. Here is an in-depth breakdown of what needs to be done to get into law school.

The first step is to do your homework on what the role of a lawyer is and what you can expect to be doing should you complete law school. Use your time to determine how much money you can make, the opportunities available, and what you will actually be doing as a lawyer.

Completing a bachelor’s degree is the second step in getting into law school. The major is not important when applying. Instead, law schools pay more attention to the GPA you graduated with.

The third step in the law school admission application is the LSAT or law school admission test. This is a standardized test that is supposed to test your ability to succeed in law school. As with GPA, the higher you score on the LSAT, the more likely you will be admitted into the law school of your choice.

The LSAT is considered to be the most challenging part of the law school admission application. Significant time and preparation should be devoted to preparing for the LSAT. It is recommended you prepare a year in advance ideally. You can choose to study on your own for the exam, hire tutors or enroll in prep courses. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are prepared before taking the LSAT, as this plays the most significant part in your application evaluation.

Getting all of your prior transcripts sent out to the law schools you will be applying to is the fourth step in the application process. You will need to provide transcripts from every academic institution you attended.

Step five is to write a personal statement about yourself and why you are applying to law school. This is required for admission and should be viewed as an opportunity to showcase yourself.

Step six is related to step five. It involves gathering letters of recommendation from undergraduate professors and employers. Think of this step as the law school wanting to see how other people would describe you.

Once you have completed the previous steps, you are ready for the final step. It involves submitting your application to the law schools that you are interested in. To improve your chances of being accepted into law school, you should apply early and apply to multiple law schools.