If you work or have worked extensively in a small business, you likely understand the significance that the relationship with the community has on your business’s long-term health and overall success. To ensure that the business has includes a long, sustainable future, many small business owners have found countless great ways to become more involved with their community.

One approach that is becoming increasingly popular among small businesses is incorporating philanthropy into their company’s culture and annual budget. Not only do you have the opportunity to give back to the community in a meaningful way, but it can also increase both the community’s awareness and overall support for your business. Many small business owners also find that community engagement has become an invaluable resource to better understanding the people that they serve.

The countless benefits that corporate philanthropy has led more small businesses around the nation, adding philanthropy into their company’s annual budget than ever before. The increase in corporate interest has also lead many non-profit organizations to begin offering easy, low-cost ways for small businesses to support their cause. Here are some popular approaches that can benefit your small business without breaking your budget.

Sponsorship Packages
One strategy that is being used more often is sponsorship packages. Organizations and events raising money for a charitable cause have begun creating different level packages that companies can purchase. The package covers a particular portion of the event or purpose, with various incentives included in the sponsorship. For example, companies that purchase sponsorships will often have their logo placed on marketing collateral for the event, recognizing their package’s contribution. The generally easy process and benefits from the marketing incentive’s exposure make sponsorship packages a popular choice for small businesses.

Company Volunteer Programs
For many small business owners, the benefits that volunteering has for both their business and the greater community makes it another popular approach being used today. Many organizations that have more immediate needs count heavily on volunteers to donate their time to help carry out daily needs. For example, soup kitchens across the nation often count on volunteers to function. From food preparation and cooking to serving and cleaning up, a soup kitchen requires quite a bit of assistance every day, to provide the number of meals necessary for those who are hungry.

In response to the need, many soup kitchens began creating partnerships with companies that are interested in creating an ongoing volunteer program for its employees. This allows employees to volunteer for days from a pre-set calendar that you and the organization agreed upon, thus increasing your corporate philanthropy while maintaining your awareness within the community.