As members of the community, we at Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC believe that giving back can have a profound impact on those we help. Not only does it provide countless residents with access to resources that can help them thrive, but it can help the economy flourish as well.

As part of our commitment to giving back, Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC supports Habitat For Humanity Of Bergen County, Inc. through achievement involvement with the organization, as well as pro bono work. The firm’s Principal, Janine Getler, has been an active board member since 2002 and continues to serve in the position today.

What Is Pro Bono Work?
While often used interchangeably with community service, there is a distinct difference between the two. Community service refers to general actions that benefit the community. Pro Bono work, on the other hand, refers to the services that lawyers provide to those who cannot afford them, free of charge. Lawyers offer their legal advice for a variety of issues that individuals may face, providing a clear benefit to the community.

In return, what does the pro bono work provides for the firm and its workforce? For lawyers that are new to the profession, pro bono work offers them the opportunity to learn more about how the legal system works, while increasing their professional experience. A crucial skill to practice as a lawyer is communication, as it is crucial to develop the ability to empathize with each story. Another benefit that many newer lawyers appreciate is the opportunity to network with other legal professionals across the industry.

In addition to its many benefits for new lawyers, there are several ways that legal firms and its leadership team can not only help establish their names as leaders in the industry, but they are also to provide meaningful pro bono work using their expertise. Their involvement and legal work allow them to speak on a new platform that can further connect them to their community in return.

In addition to her seat on the board of directors for Habitat For Humanity of Bergen County, Inc., Janine Gentler of Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC also served as the President from 2004-2006, and has been an active member of the pro bono council since 1994, further establishing her commitment to the community.

If your firm is not currently involved in a pro bono project, it may be beneficial to explore options within your specialty. Provide those in need with your legal expertise while helping to improve the great community.