Take a moment to think about some of the construction that you have seen in your city of residence recently. For most people, the construction phase marks the initial start of a long process, but you may be surprised to learn that these projects have likely been in motion for quite some time already. Before construction can formally begin, the development must go through an extensive approval process first, with many steps requiring specialized knowledge and certification. This is where construction law firms like Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC come in.

Construction Law Services
Because of the complexity of most construction projects, there are typically several professionals across a wide range of industries that are involved. While each professional brings their expertise, one thing that they have in common is that it has to be legally approved before their portion of the project can begin. Examples of construction law firm clients include property owners, architects, contractors, subcontractors, and suppliers.

Because of the wide range of professions involved in the process, a construction law firm typically offers legal services that range from the planning to completion stages of a project. This is important to understand because the legal requirements will differ for each profession and stage.

To give an example, Let’s say that a business owner decides that they want to purchase a piece of land to build a new office building. One of the first steps may include finding an available space that fits their requirements and is financially viable for their budget. Often, a construction law firm will be brought on to help with preparing and negotiating the loan documents with the client’s financial sources, including banks and bondholders.

Following the final approval of the project, clients are given contracts that include specific requirements for it to be considered compliant. Construction law firms are often also included in this portion of the project. Their knowledge and training allow them to comprehend the contact’s requirements and provide guidance on how to make the entire project compliant and ready for completion.

While this covers a small portion of what a construction law firm offers, it is important to note that the full list of services makes their field a crucial part of a construction project’s successful completion. You can learn more about the services that construction law firms like Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC offer by visiting their website at GetlerGomesSuttonPC.com.