Take a moment to think about some of the reasons why you enjoy giving back to your community. For many people, the feeling that they get, knowing that their contribution is making a positive impact remains one of their favorite parts of giving back. While this is one of the more popular responses, there are still countless other reasons why so many people around the world enjoy supporting their community. Companies around the world that are actively involved in their community not only have a profound impact but also understand the importance of their role in corporate philanthropy.

Companies may get involved in philanthropy in a variety of ways. From providing ongoing financial support to volunteering as a group to different organizations and events, companies have found new forms of community service. In recent years, more companies are implementing a new, exciting policy call volunteer time off (VTO), which are paid days that can be used to volunteer at a specific organization or event. With policies like VTO, corporate philanthropy is becoming a more common occurrence, so it is helpful to examine its benefits.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Philanthropy?
Incorporating philanthropy into your business is beneficial for a few reasons. To begin, companies have been seeing an increase in demand for more opportunities to take time to volunteer for causes that employees care about. Adding this into your company’s culture can not only improve morale among your employees, but it can also attract a more diverse set of candidates when hiring new positions.

While this is a promising sign, it would be fair to want to get a better understanding of how beneficial the morale boost could improve your company’s overall success. According to a study done by Best Workplaces of 357,000 people, those who had an overall positive experience with giving back through their work were four times more likely to agree that their respective company and teams went above for their employees and were more likely to get involved in ambassador roles in the future.

When companies support and encourage employees to give back, it can be highly beneficial to both the company and the greater community. Getler, Gomes & Sutton PC has remained active in the community, and are committed to helping residents who need it most.